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Alexander Ivanov

RUSİAD Rusya Özel Temsilcisi & Genel Başkan Başdanışmanı

 Александр Леонидович Иванов – Выпускник ИСАА при МГУ (закончил с отличием, красный диплом). С 1979 по 2015 года находился в долгосрочных командировках по линии различных советских и российских ведомств. В частности ВТО «Тяжпромэкспорт» (1977-1979 г. г.), возглавлял корпункт Гостелерадио в Анкаре (1986-1991 г. г.). Возглавлял корпункт журнала «Азия и Африка сегодня» (2002-2006 г. г.). Зам. директора ИСАА при МГУ им. М. В. Ломоносова (2008-2010 г. г.). С 2010 по 2015 гг. представитель ГК “РОСТЕХ” в Турции.

On January 29, 2018 the Agroindustrial Union “Renaissance” had signed an Agreement on cooperation and joint business activities with Dr.Nicholas I. Zhdanoff-Lutsenko and Mr.Alexander L.Ivanov to set up a Committee on International and Foreign Economic Relations within the “Renaissance” structure.

Dr.NicholasI. Zhdanoff-Lutsenko – Professor, Ph.D, Academician in several academies is holding many Russian and foreign decorations and titles, including prestigious literary prizes.

He graduated from MoscowStateUniversity, Institute for Afro-Asian Studies in 1976 as an expert in Japanese history (red honorary diploma). Is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese.

In 1982-88 a correspondent for the USSR Central Television and Radio Network, a commentator and political analyst. Had been teaching as an Associate Professor and then Professor of Broadcasting Journalism and Public Relations at the Foreign Ministry’s Moscow State Institute of International Relations.

Since early 90s had entered the public policy domain, running for the State Duma seat for several times, was appointed as Secretary of the Foreign Policy Chamber in the Political Consultative Council for the President of the Russian Federation.

In 2000-2001 had served in the Budget Committee

 Alexander Ivanov

RUSİAD Rusya özel Temsilcisi & Genel Başkan Başdanışmanı